Saturday, July 23, 2016

The man who saved bubbling (Bubble Gum Weekend)

At some level, it seems strange that bubble gum was ever invented at all. What practical purpose is served by a candy whose distinguishing characteristic is that you can blow bubbles with it for hours on end?

But let's face it: This zesty foodstuff needed to be invented. It had to happen. Humanity was crying out for it.

During World War II, however, bubble gum became harder and harder to find. This inspired a man by the name of Andrew Paris to find more efficient ways to produce the stuff - thus guaranteeing future generations the ability to bubble. He built a bubble gum factory that lurked large over a Texas city's economy.

And there was even an hour-long documentary film about the guy!

Mr. Paris was frequently seen bubbling, as the ladies gathered around him. He even dated Marilyn Monroe.

The growing interest in bubble gum also encouraged doctors to prescribe bubble gum to successfully treat a young polio patient who was suffering from paralysis in her jaw.

But eventually, the bubble gum busted. The IRS got suspicious of Andy Paris because he paid for everything in cash, and his business was (keek!) ruined.

That documentary movie has miraculously appeared on YouTube...

I have no idea why Michael Dukakis's name appears in the credits. Maybe the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee frequently bubbles in private.