Thursday, July 28, 2016

Media throws fit because Louisiana cuts unconstitutional program

The yells are approaching a howl in The Media today.

The state of Louisiana gives loads of handouts to private schools. In fact, New Orleans is in the process of abolishing public schools altogether. These policies are unconstitutional, of course, but who's counting?

Now Louisiana is facing a budget crunch that has forced the state to slash some of these handouts. What do the self-styled budget watchdogs of the Right think about this? They claim to be for fiscal responsibility, so you'd think they'd cheer the cuts. But that assumes you haven't spent the past 25 years keeping an eye on their hypocrisy. Rather, they're the first ones complaining about the cuts.

Sounds like a case of affluenza to me. The private school gimme program will still be partially funded, so the right-wing media shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth. If I was put in charge of my state's budget, private schools wouldn't get anything - simply for constitutional reasons. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards calls the program an "unproven gimmick." That it is - and worse.