Monday, July 25, 2016

Kaine costs Clinton her lead

So this really happened - just like I predicted. Is the DLC happy now?

A week ago, Hillary Clinton was beating Donald Trump by as much as 13 percentage points in national polls. Now - after Clinton picked Tim Kaine as a running mate - a new CNN poll has Trump ahead by 6 points.

Clinton just lost 19 points because of her vice-presidential pick. I thought at least Kaine might not have been as bad of a choice as Joe Lieberman was, but a VP pick causing such a seismic shift in polling is unprecedented in modern America.

One bad choice. Nineteen points.

This isn't a bump from the Republican convention, because polls from after the convention but before the Kaine selection showed Clinton still had a strong lead. The GOP convention actually hurt the Republicans - before Kaine squandered this edge.

The DLC shit in their hat, now they have to wear it.