Thursday, July 7, 2016

Recycling finally comes to Bellevue

Why did it take this long for a growing central city like Bellevue to gain a recycling program?

Highland Heights has had one since at least the early '90s. I know this because I still lived there then, and I remember doing an impression of Bill Clinton talking about how he'd never put a nonrecyclable Sunkist can in the recycle bin.

According to peeps who know, the delay in Bellevue was caused by the fact that the city farmed out garbage collection to a company that didn't offer a recycling program. Incidentally, this company recently failed to pick up our trash, but that's beside the point. But now Bellevue has contracted its trash collection to a different company.

My arm muscles are going to get a real workout shredding sensitive papers, because I don't have a paper shredder. But just think. Soon you might buy a box of cereal packaged in what used to be one of my bank statements, paycheck stubs, or medical documents!