Saturday, January 21, 2017

Have no fear, the February ish is here!

Sorry to disappoint you, but out of 19 articles in the latest ish of The Last Word, only 5 of them are primarily about gum.

But this 14-pager is one of the thickest editions in years, and it has so many nifty things for you to peep and weep. In this issue...

• I proudly break the law with my new electric bike.

• We were denied a youth center.

• People poop on stuff.

• Kroger sells Freedent nobody buys.

• Being cool.

• The Internet argues about bubble gum.

• A person rips out their braces because they didn't want or need them.

• Someone burned something at school.

• A person wiped boogers on stuff.

• A folder got ruined by gum.

• And more!

If you can still access The Last Word on Scribd, point your pooper here...

Otherwise, you can find the latest ish here...

1 comment:

  1. "peculiar chompers"??

    Out of 19 articles in the latest ish, 19 of them are awesome..

    The softball game where the girl got her earring torn out was 1987ish maybe 88ish..

    Looking forward to more awesomeism!!