Monday, January 2, 2017

Ridiculous orange juice commersh found

This is usually a serious political blog, but let's kick off '17 with a Snuffleupagus moment!

For years, I've been insisting there was a TV ad for the orange juice industry in which a person slowly and dramatically lifts the glass of juice up to their mouth, before the commersh suddenly ends with the glass spilling the juice towards the viewer. It was one of those things that's just unintentionally hilarious. It looked absolutely ridiculous.

I thought for sure the ad aired around 1990. I remember a family member remarking on how silly it looked, and I thought for sure I was a teenager at the time. But I accidentally found it on YouTube while looking for something else, and it's dated 1979. It's in a collection of commercials from that era, and you have to fast-forward to 8:45...

Here's a synopsis of that commersh in case you're afraid a mallet might pop out of your computer screen and break your glasses if you visit YouPube: A man discovers a pitcher of orange juice in his fridge and proceeds to pour it into a glass. Dramatic music plays, and a smile grows on his face. He lifts the glass full of juice up to his mouth. But as the ad ends, instead of him drinking the juice, the glass slowly ejects juice into the viewer's face. The video freezes on a shot of the top of the glass with the juice spilling out.

You have to admit it looks totally ridiculous. It looks like he's about to spill orange juice all over the floor, thereby wasting it.

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  1. I remember it..It WAS about 1990 or 91..

    I also remember one with the talking sandwich that says "ORRRRNJ juice"..(1998ish??)