Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I almost violated an Allowed Cloud without realizing it

Something just occurred to me about a major purchase I'm making.

I buyed something costly. Low triple digits, but costly by my standards. For the record, it's not a weapon. I'll probably have the item next week.

I wasn't even thinking about the legality of it. I just figured it was an item that not only greatly facilitates something I'm already doing, but is probably necessary to have, considering the circumstances. But then it dawned on me that some crackpot might try to make an Allowed Cloud out of it.

As it turns out, our team of legal eagles says I'm in the clear in almost all 50 states. But guess what? Kentucky is not of them.

Too fucking bad. I'm doing what I want. Instead of violating an Allowed Cloud without realizing it, now I'm doing it knowingly. I don't give a shit.

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