Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kentucky GOP thugs attack Miles accuser

This story shows you what sort of criminals fill the Republican Party of Kentucky.

Back in September, a jury indicted GOP zillionaire Billy Joe Miles - former chair of the University of Kentucky's board of trustees - for allegedly raping a woman. Miles is well-connected. In fact, his daughter is fascist State Rep. Suzanne Miles.

Right after the indictment, Billy Joe Miles's accuser became the target of threats and outright assaults. She received a threatening message on Facebook from one of Miles's thugs. Then someone threw a hammer through her windshield from a passing vehicle as she was driving. Sometime later, the car burst into flames while she was driving it. She also received 6 harassing phone calls in only 3 minutes that appeared to be from one of Miles's daughters.

Now the state has taken over the prosecution, because Miles has too many political connections in Daviess County. Miles may face up to 45 years in prison, but he's 77.

Are we done living in denial about the violence, hate, and corruption of the Kentucky GOP?


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