Friday, January 20, 2017

Workers quit because of prevailing wage repeal

The Kentucky GOP still hasn't provided a reason why they repealed prevailing wage or told us who they're trying to appeal to. Oh well, to each their own, I guess.

Now a construction firm in central Kentucky has informed its workers that - because of prevailing wage repeal - pay for scale jobs is dropping from $23 to $15/hour, while pay for non-scale jobs is being reduced from $15 to $11/hour. Plus, their allowance for hotel stays for out-of-town jobs is being eliminated entirely - so they have to pay for lodging out of their own paychecks.

At the snap of a finger, the Republican Party of Kentucky has managed to slash wages by 35%. Just because they felt like it.

Following this announcement, 15 workers at this company promptly quit their jobs.

What's the point in even trying to work when Damon Thayer just steals your money and gives it to billionaires?

(Incidentally, the Boone County Schools actively campaigned for prevailing wage repeal. This is just the latest example of our local schools politicizing everything.)

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