Saturday, January 7, 2017

Prevailing wage repeal??? Really???

Republicans in the Kentucky legislature just hit dumbdirt. Their underpants-staining disregard for democratic institutions this week is unprecedented in American history for any state legislature.

A host of unpopular right-wing bills have sailed through the legislature this week and will become law, such as Dan Johnson's misnamed "right-to-work" bill. But perhaps the most hated bill among these is the repeal of Kentucky's prevailing wage.

Lawmakers are actually lowering wages??? Seriously??? Man, did they just step in a big pile. Who is this law supposed to appeal to (in Kentucky, no less)? How are they going to richsplain this to voters?

A more detailed analysis of the Kentucky GOP is beneath my dignity - and I don't live to please them anyway. Even when a person isn't directly affected by the party's ideas, you'd think they'd have enough pride in their state not to tolerate it. But prevailing wage repeal will have a real negative impact. You may notice that a lot of school buildings built before prevailing wage was enacted are of shoddy quality.

And for those who say I should keep quiet because I don't work for a state contractor, tough toilets. You can't be sure I've never asked to work for one - and was rejected because it was some Republican business that won a state contract because of its political ties.

A few words about a couple other new Republican laws: Their abortion laws violate Roe v. Wade. End of story.

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