Friday, January 27, 2017

More media gaslighting against public education

I'm sick of hearing about "school choice" - when it robs us (the taxpayers) of the choice not to subsidize bad private schools.

As part of the far-right National School Choice Week, private schools are making students attend rallies at statehouses all over America to demand public subsidies of private schools. And the right-wing media is of course happy to help.

For one thing, it violates IRS regulations for religious schools to promote political activity. For another, it's unconstitutional for public money to fund these schools. But just as importantly, The Media is engaging in gaslighting with its one-sided coverage of each event. If there is one "alternative fact" that the right-wing media has been consistent on, it's their notion that private schools are superior to public schools. Anyone who dares to disagree is shouted down.

The Media's stance is a lie. I know public schools are superior, because I have experience to know. I'm not saying the ones I attended were good. I'm just saying they were better than the other option.

I know, man, it's just so frightening how oppressed private schools are. It's a total tragedy. Just joking! Seriously, the people yammering to support "school choice" are actually looking for a taxpayer-funded bailout for a failed system.

When a state unconstitutionally subsidizes private schools, it is the people's prerogative to seize property from these schools as collateral.

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  1. The 'school choice' types were always the first to complain when someone wanted to switch PUBLIC schools.."No Ann you can't go to Bellevue, you're zoned to the wrong district blah blah blah.."

    Nope they just want taxes for their old time religion..