Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mysterious Trump convoy sighted in Louisville

In America, you fly the American flag. Not the Trump flag.

On Sunday, folks in Louisville saw what appeared to be a military convoy speeding down Interstate 65 - carrying a large flag emblazoned with the name "TRUMP." (This occurred the day before pro-Trump thugs beat demonstrators in Louisville.) However, it probably wasn't actually any branch of the military.

I've seen government agencies display partisan items, circulate political e-mails, and improperly advocate political causes. But the Defense Department says the vehicles in the convoy do not appear to currently belong to any service branch. Nearby Fort Knox and the Kentucky National Guard also say the vehicles weren't theirs. It would of course violate military regulations to fly a flag like this on vehicles.

Some believe the convoy actually belonged to a military contractor - which wouldn't surprise me at all. I remember the Fletcher administration hiring a contractor for a state construction job that had one of their trucks with Republican bumper stickers parked along a local highway for years - which was an eyesore even without the partisan advocacy.

If it isn't the military or a contractor, what's going on here? How did some outside Trumper group get hold of so many military vehicles? And what other military equipment do they have?

(Source: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2017/01/30/military-convoy-trump-flag-rolls-through/97255844)

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  1. I remember the Fletcher administation punishing political enemies..