Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fight against abusive teen programs continues

After I participated in a series of protests that successfully shut down a chain of confirmedly abusive teen residential programs in the late 2000s, the fight continues.

It continues against phony "rehabs", "therapeutic boarding schools", and psychiatric "hospitals" - programs based on a failed model.

I'm humbled to learn that I'm one of America's leaders in fighting against this abuse. I've been held back by health conditions, and I'm not any more powerful than a small-town mayor. I can't afford to hire my own ambassadors. But this is one issue where I lead - because most of our public officials do not. The crisis of institutional abuse has been catatonically swept under the rug.

This blog continues to attempt to be a referral-free zone. I will not refer anyone to a residential program.

What some people still don't seem to know is that I'm a regional coordinator for HEAL...


Somehow, my close family members didn't know this, even though I told them ages ago. They now think I retconned HEAL into existence going back 5 years or so to when I was appointed as a coordinator.

Remember, it was also HEAL that busted NorthKey for its unsafe food handling practices.

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