Thursday, February 23, 2017

The video you've been waiting for!

If you happen to make YouTube videos, and if you happen to rock a visible overbite, count on getting requests like this from friends and fam. You probably wouldn't oblige, but I will, because I'm just so cool.

People want me to make a video in which I open the pull-tab on a can with my teeth - and use my peculiar chompers to lift the can. That I can do. And I can do it without spilling the contents of the can everywhere like a slob - at least if I lift it before I open it.

Oh, and these are friends asking me to do this. They're political allies, and they appreciate my sense of humor.

In this video, I use that handsome overbite to open a can of Cincinnati-style chili. I didn't spill a drop or slosh the stuff everywhere. Ninety-five percent of people wouldn't be able to do any of the things I do in this video. But I can. Brings a whole new meaning to "can-do" spirit...

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