Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kasich has his most ridiculous idea yet?

Gosh, who voted for this clown?

Ohio's Tea Party Gov. John Kasich has just emitted what may be the worst idea yet of his reign. Under his budget plan, Kasich would require teachers to complete an "externship" at a business in order to renew their teaching license. This means teachers would have do extra work at a business or chamber of commerce. The reason for this is because Kasich wants Big Business to be involved more in education.

As if Big Business doesn't commandeer our schools enough?

Kasich also wants to pack each school board with 3 businesspeople. I'm not saying that being a businessperson should automatically disqualify someone from being on a school board. But if there are school board seats reserved for businesspeople, why not some reserved for labor reps too?

All the Far Right cares about is molding our young people into cheap, docile labor to be exploited as cogs in the wicked capitalist system.

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