Thursday, February 2, 2017

People Scholared in 1993

Remember the '90s? Remember helmet hair, Surge soda, and Roc?

People went Roads Scholaring in the decade of incoherence. Taking road photos and videos was tricky back then, and not as easy to do as it is now. But back in 1993, someone did so - right here in Campbell County! Best all, they started in my hometown of Highland Heights.

And now they've put their 1993 Scholaring video up on YouTube for the whole wide world to ogle (beep)...

Before anyone asks, I didn't make that video. In fact, there's a brief scene I couldn't watch, because it triggers traumatic memories I can't handle. But let me break this clip down for you: It starts in Highland Heights, and you see some boarded-up and dilapidated buildings there. Remember, 1993 was a sorry chapter in local history.

You'll also notice an already-stale Q-102 playing on the radio. If you're into Road Scholaring, there do appear to be at least a couple of very old traffic signs when they drive through downtown Alexandria late in the video.

Plus, 1993 was the year The Last Word was founded. I attended NKU and worked at the public library back then.

But nobody in this video bubbled.


  1. Good Lord..what happened to Q102 in 1993??

    There's a couple good songs in there..but oh my, the rest of it is just sad..

    1. For a while in the mid-'90s, Q-102 used the slogan, "The station you grew up with has grown up with you." I think they tried to compete with WWNK, of all things! They kept playing old Air Supply songs, though I think they still reported as a CHR.

    2. I switched stations by then!! PRETTY SURE The first pre-set I put in on the Sunbird was 107.1

    3. I remember how excited I was when I got the Sunbird..

    4. I barely remember 'DUNG COUNTRY'

    5. We dodged a bullet with this video. I think the video was taken in November, because they talk about Thanksgiving. I checked the music chart for the first week of November 1993, and Ace Of Base's classist rant was #2 that week. And I know Q-102 played that one constantly.

      The Inner Circle song that Q-102 butchered was just dropping from its peak position.