Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kentucky bill would legalize wage theft

Fascism is on the march in Kentucky, courtesy of alt-right State Sen. Chris McDaniel.

McDaniel's Senate Bill 237 would legalize wage theft and run afoul of a gamut of federal labor laws. Among other things, it would:

• Let employers take money from employees' paychecks to pay for workplace thefts allegedly committed by other workers. That's like if you go out and rob a bank because your boss doesn't pay you.

• It would repeal the minimum wage for many workers, especially those in the amusement industry.

• It would rob tipped workers of their tip money.

• It would state that lunch breaks and rest periods would no longer be required.

• It would exempt a host of industries from federal overtime rules.

Who voted for this clown? It doesn't matter, because McDaniel was allowed to run unopposed last time - just because.

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