Friday, February 17, 2017

UK wastes $4M on locker room

I don't want to hear another word about how Kentucky universities can't have all the programs and facilities they want because of "budget cuts." Ever.

As Northern Kentucky University sells its radio station, and as the asswipe Matt Bevin slashes university budgets across the state, the University of Kentucky is planning to throw away $4 million renovating the locker room for its men's basketball team. The Republican legislature had actually approved $5 million - while other university programs have been cut for decades.

Also, even though Title IX requires parity of athletic programs, there are no similar plans to renovate the locker room for the women's basketball team.

Congratulations, Repubs, you fucked up at least 2 things today: You squandered millions of dollars and you violated Title IX. What is it with Republicans and failure?

The university also wants millions to replace the ceiling tiles in the arena - and a $21 million dining facility for athletes.


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