Tuesday, February 14, 2017

WNKU sold to evangelical broadcaster

Yet another religious radio station in greater Cincinnati? You have got to be kidding me!

Nobody listens to radio anymore - unless it's WNKU, I've noticed. The station owned by Northern Kentucky University actually still has listeners.

But for the past year - ever since the scumbag Matt Bevin slashed funding to all state universities by 4.5% - WNKU has been on the chopping block. I truly believe Bevin pressured the university into making no attempt to ensure WNKU was sold to a responsible owner. I absolutely and honestly believe that. I think Bevin wanted it to be sold to someone that shares his ideology.

Of course, the university gave him what he wanted. After my experiences with NKU's suppression of dissent, that doesn't surprise me. The school is selling WNKU for $1.9 million to Bible Broadcasting Network - which already owns almost 50 stations nationwide and perhaps hundreds of low-power translators. BBN broadcasts what is described as "conservative evangelical" programming. NKU's Portsmouth simulcast is being sold to Educational Media Foundation, another religious broadcaster that already owns too many stations. The Middletown simulcast is awaiting a buyer too.

The FCC will of course rubber-stamp this purchase. They always do. It's easier for some checkbook clergy operation to buy a station in a major city than it is for the average person to buy a pack of bubble gum.

Since the FCC won't intervene, the city of Highland Heights should evict the station.

Congratulations, Matt Bevin and the FCC! Because of the FCC and Bevin not doing their jobs, about the only interesting thing we have now on local radio is American Top 40 reruns on WGRR. It's a shame I'll have to sit through all those commercials for cosmetic dentistry services I don't want, but I still enjoy hearing ol' Casey.

(Source: https://radioinsight.com/headlines/116522/bible-broadcasting-to-acquire-wnku-cincinnati)

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