Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kentucky GOP praises racist legislator

When the openly racist Dan Johnson received the Republican nomination for a Kentucky House seat last year, the reason for it couldn't have reflected well on the Republicans. At first I thought it was because Republican voters voted for him (since Kentucky has a closed primary), but actually it was because party leaders selected him because they didn't have a candidate. (Why weren't Democratic leaders allowed to select a candidate in districts where they had none?)

This means leaders of the Republican Party of Kentucky put their stamp of approval on Johnson's racism. The Media tried to make it look like the GOP didn't actually support Johnson. Nothing can be further from the truth. They picked him.

Now that Johnson has taken office, Republican leaders in the Kentucky House are praising him. Republican Whip Kevin Bratcher said of Johnson, "He's making good votes. He seems like a fine fellow."

Meanwhile, State Rep. Wesley Morgan - a Dan Johnson-style bigot - has introduced bills to benefit his own liquor stores. It's a felony for legislators to take official actions that would "derive a direct monetary gain."


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