Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bubble gum bustin' while it cuts the dustin' (Bubble Gum Weekend)

You know something? This isn't just any weekend. It's a Bubble Gum Weekend!

True to form, a hilarious old commersh for Trident sugarless gum has now appeared on YouPube to menace us all.

In this ad that I recall seeing around 1990, several people bubbled. It didn't pop in their face like the Gum Fighter used to do, but they bubbled nonetheless:

That commercial is amusing on several fronts. The voiceover man declares, "People don't chew Trident just because more dentists..." And so on and so on and so on. You've heard that tagline a gabillion times before. If people don't chew Trident for that reason, maybe it's because people don't chew Trident at all.

Honestly, do you ever see people chewing Trident?

Also, near the end of the commersh, an elderly woman blew a big pink bubble. A lot of people consider bubbling to be only humorous if the bubbler appears to be at least 65. I have no idea why this is. I guess many people assume that the bubbler must have been born before bubble gum was invented, and therefore they'd never have reason to chew it.

Evidently, the folks in this ad share that view. The only time they cheer and laugh is when the elderly character bubbles.

Also, I can tell their bus system isn't TANK, because TANK likes to keep its routes confined to areas where most people can afford a car (which the desert in this ad presumably isn't).

'G'. Gum.

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  1. You can also tell it's not TANK because their wait is less than four hours long.