Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oscar invents grouch computer ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

As 'Sesame Street' celebrates its 40th anniversary, I've noticed that Google has included Big Bird's legs in its logo the past couple days.

But nobody can beat the ol' Osk!

Why, back in 1984, Oscar the Grouch invented a grouch computer. It was a computer that displayed grouchy messages:

The grouch computer is believed to be a direct ancestor of Windows 98, judging by how Windows 98 seemed to lapse into a flickering blue screen of death if you typed too fast or had more than 2 applications open at once.

However, the grouch computer looked uncannily like an Atari 800 with wrinkled paper grocery bags or potato sacks wrapped around it.

Oscar, you are a hero to us all!

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