Monday, November 23, 2009

"Zero tolerance" fascism expands off campus

"Zero tolerance" disciplinary policies in America's slaughterhouse schools make criminals of the innocent but let the guilty go unpunished.

And now you don't even have to be at school or at a school-sponsored function to be targeted.

In Willows, California, a high school student has been expelled not for anything he did at school, but for what he did off campus. It was because his pickup truck - which was parked off campus - contained unloaded hunting shotguns.

What gives a public school the right to control what students do off campus, when their actions have nothing to do with school? Here's a hint: nothing.

Except of course in BushAmerica where every movement is watched.

The school claims that it was operating under the doctrine of in loco parentis - but that's only supposed to apply at school, at school functions, or on school buses.

How were the hunting guns even found? They were found when the school conducted a warrantless search using scent-sniffing dogs. But how can the school even conduct a search outside its own property? (That's not to mention the fact that the school didn't even have probable cause.)

The school also cited a 1996 federal law that the school claims prohibits possession of guns within 1,000 feet of a school.

Well, you can't say "the liberals" were behind that, conservos. Since the law passed in 1996, that would have been during one of the most Republican (and corrupt) Congresses in modern history.

Even if the school is hiding behind a law passed by a rogue Congress, it appears as if the student's actions didn't even violate the law as it was written. If he was violating it, why didn't the police arrest him? Why is the school taking it upon itself to enforce the law instead of going to prosecutors?

If this happened to me, I'd be talking to a good lawyer right now.


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  1. He got in trouble for running his mouth at school previous to this...Should have been a good GOP candidate in another ten years from now.

    The Refugs are probably sorry they messed with him now.

    Refugs eat their own.