Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Fools' Day came a day late at CNN

If CNN wasn't so full of shit these days, it might actually have viewers like it used to.

And yesterday, CNN really done did it.

In a blatant effort to pump up support for the right-wing Tea Parties, CNN reported that as many as 4% of Tea Party activists are Democrats.

You're hilarious, CNN, you know that?

Believe me, it's not 4%. It just about 0%. The only followers the Tea Party movement has who claim to be Democrats are about on par with Jim Naugle.

CNN gets even more funny. It also called the Tea Party "a movement that champions less government" and "lower taxes." Seriously, they said that.

Remember, this is the same movement that invites FairTax speakers to its rallies and whose followers carry signs that smack of dominionist ideology. CNN calls that "less government" and "lower taxes"?

Um, April Fools' Day is over, CNN.

It would be funnier if CNN wasn't engaged in such an obvious propaganda effort supporting the Nastea crowd.

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