Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 34 of POOP

I didn't bother to do a report for week 33 of this fine feature, because nothing had really changed on the Google stupidity front that week. Admit it: You missed us.

But we're back with a vengeance for week 34!

Last week, Google's YouTube went offline for hours to implement a new layout that everybody hates. It doesn't seem to have added any new features, and it's harder to use. Even if you tell it to show all the comments for a particular video, it only shows some of them, and they're no longer properly formatted.

Worse, this new layout crashed some browsers for days afterward.

Google remains undeterred despite scads of complaints about this new layout.

The immoral of the story is this: Google can spend all this money, time, and effort designing a new YouTube layout that adds no functionality and crashes browsers, while it won't lift a finger to fix its post removal feature or let people delete posts that were illegally posted under their name without their permission.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. It's high time they start acting like it again.

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