Thursday, April 15, 2010

How I humiliated the Tea Party today!

As of Tuesday, I can now make this comparison between myself and most of the Tea Party sore losers: I'm jobless because I was fired over politics. Most of them are jobless because they can afford not to work. Right-wing think tanks pay their entire living. Going to Tea Parties IS their job!

This coincidence enabled me to utterly humiliate them in Covington, Kentucky, today. While most people were at work, the Tea Partiers invaded Goebel Park and showcased their idiocy.

They received the most unwelcome reception I've ever seen them get. When 2 of them held signs along 5th Street opposing health care reform, a motorist who drove past said to them, "Fuck you!"

The speeches at the rally consisted of nothing of any importance. They started off warning the crowd that they'd heard there'd be "organized" opposition to their event. I think they meant me. I'm an "organization" to them, after I chased them out of Wilder just by mentioning them on this blog.

The speaker also assured the crowd that if anyone opposed them, police would haul them away. Considering what happened at the Bush rally in 2000, that wouldn't have surprised me. Kenton County doesn't have a strong record of tolerating dissent.

The online remnant of the Kentucky Post accurately reported that only about 70 people showed up. However, the Cincinnati Enquirer absurdly claimed 300 to 400.

The real story is the Lipton Lugnuts' march to the IRS building. Seventy people is more than enough to block 4th Street for an inordinately long time, and motorists grew frustrated. You see, the Tea Party sore losers think they shouldn't have to wait for a walk signal at a crosswalk like everybody else. So they jaywalked en masse.

When this held up traffic, folks angrily blew their horns and yelled at them. I was standing up the street watching them, and I yelled to the Tea Party crowd something like, "Quit blocking traffic, you stupid morons!" I yelled it more than once, just to make sure more of them heard me.

And they did hear me. What's especially amusing is that they said that part of the march was supposed to be a "silent protest" - so they couldn't very well yell anything back without ruining their silence pledge. However, the first time I yelled, one of them began chanting something like, "Someone said the word." So their promise of silence was spoiled anyway.

When they walked back around from behind the IRS building, I heckled them some more. This time, I yelled something like, "Don't you idiots have some traffic to block?!"

Had they not held up traffic on a busy state route, I would have left them alone. But they chose to make nuisances of themselves, so I had to call them out on it.

What's even funnier is that the speaker at Goebel Park was adamant that anyone who said anything to them during the "silent" portion would go straight to jail. I think I was just far enough from the cops that they couldn't do anything to me.

It doesn't exactly help their cause that they created a mile-long traffic jam and threatened to go to the police if anybody dared to disagree with them. But they'll keep doing it, because they don't learn.

I was fired on Tuesday precisely because of idiots like them. So I'm going to enjoy this bout of unemployment by making them look like every bit the fools they are. I guess they should have been more careful about what they wished for.

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