Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm home, I'm home, I'm home!

The drought of posts here lately on this blog can be accounted for by my week-long trip to the Western U.S. - from which I arrived home last night! I didn't mention this fact-finding mission here beforehand, because of the plague of home invasions I've experienced lately, but now I'm back to embarrass the Far Right more than ever!

Little has changed since I left. Major league athletes are still overpaid, almost everybody else is still underpaid, and the media is still the filth column that it was over a week ago.

Given the media's contempt for workers, you'd think it would've been so shamed in the week leading up to Labor Day that it would've kept a low profile, but I guess shame is alien to America's media moguls.

Labor Day is the traditional start of the general election campaign season - although the other side never leaves campaign mode. Although I'm not seeking public office this year, I'm making this fall a campaign against the media - as the media has now become nearly inseparable from the Republican Right.

Campaign hint for Democrats, Greens, and independents: If you want to win, run against the media as if it's part of the GOP. The pop-up press is just that, and people will see it for what it is if you keep highlighting this point. I think readers of this blog are going to be seeing a lot more here about the media's unchecked partisanship from now on.

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