Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book thief thinks rules shouldn't apply to her

Right-wing thought guardians borrowing books from libraries and not returning them because they don't want people to read them is old news. Florida seems to be the epicenter of such activity - like when some Nazis stole all copies of a book from a school library because the book failed to insult Cuba.

Now the Nazism gets even weirder.

Some right-wing crazy in Longwood, Florida, checked out 4 books that I've never heard of from the public library. She refused to return the volumes for 2 years, because she objected to their content.

Now she's finally returned the books - and the library has levied an $85 fine.

But get this: She says she should be exempt from the fine because she was just trying to make a point about the books' content. In other words, she considers herself a freedom fighter who engages in civil disobedience by depriving everybody else of the freedom to read the books.

Someone once told me that part of civil disobedience means suffering the punishment. I guess rules don't apply to the other side, huh?

I worked at my local library for years, and I know Kentucky has specific laws dealing with depriving libraries of books. I don't know what Florida's laws are, but stealing books in an effort to censor them ought to be a felony.

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