Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mark Souder resigns over affair!

Mark Souder is a longtime right-wing congressman from Indiana.

Well, he was. But not anymore.

Souder is responsible for the fascist law that denies student aid from anyone convicted of a minor drug offense - even while no restrictions are placed on serial bullies. He's always enjoyed strong Religious Right backing, and he supports abusive teen confinement programs.

In 2007, Souder stormed out of a Capitol cafeteria because his sandwich was grilled instead of toasted - and got the sandwich maker fired.

Now Souder is resigning because of an affair with a staffer that likely would have landed him before the House Ethics Committee if he hadn't resigned. Ironically, Souder was one of the first members of Congress to sign on to impeaching Bill Clinton over a sexual affair.

Few congresscritters deserve to be humiliated like this more than Mark Souder. I've despised Souder for years.

Bye, Mark.

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