Friday, May 14, 2010

Google thinks John Birch Society is a "news" site

If the John Birch Society hadn't been a bunch of raving Red-baiters 95% of the time, more people might have paid attention to it the few times it's been right about anything - like when it opposed the job-killing NAFTA.

The John Birchers aren't right about much. Typically, they're ranting right-wing galoots. Not in the same regard that the Tea Parties are, mind you. The Tea Partiers are generally idiots just for the purpose of driving home the essence of idiocy. Still, the John Birch Society is - by and large - as right-wing as its reputation suggests.

I use Google Alerts to receive news articles from Google News - mostly from the websites of mainstream newspapers and TV stations. It's long been known that Google News won't use left-leaning blogs. Today, however, I noticed that Google News uses the John Birch Society's website for "news" articles - lumping the John Birch Society in with CNN and your local daily paper.

Surprised? Given the right-wing bias of Google News, no. For ages, Google News has been using right-wing blogs - even while shunning left-wing blogs. Google News also gets "news" stories from right-wing think tanks and the misnamed National Right to Work Foundation, which supports union-busting. It even gets "news" articles from Michelle Malkin's stupid website.

The John Birch Society actually appears fairly moderate compared to the usual Google News offerings!

Google News carries the John Birchers, Michelle Malkin, and the "right-to-work" union-busters, but I don't think I've ever received a single article from a liberal blog from Google News.

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  1. Red baiting? So, good progressive Americans shouldn't speak out against genocide, human rights violations and other abuses by Communist governments?

    I recommend that you read a book written by a former left-wing American baiter, James Perloff. It is called "The Shadows of Power." This book will hopefully demonstrate that the Establishment-multi-national corporations, Wall St., etc-start wars, fund and create its own opposition, created the Environmental Movement, and are the ones pushing for a North American Union and just love doing business with Communist China.( Notice how Obama and Bush both supported bailouts and amnestly for illegals, and an open-ended war in the Middle East) It is available on Amazon for around $7.