Monday, May 17, 2010

Cell phone study already debunked

Corporate-backed "science" usually means starting with a conclusion and working backwards from it - instead of the other way around like real research does.

Such is true of a new report that supposedly pr00ved on TV that there is no link between cell phones and cancer.

But that's not true. Cell phones have been linked to brain cancer and similar conditions for years. (That's why a good filter is strongly recommended if you use a cell phone.)

The study that claims to find no link between cell phones and cancer is about on par with the time the Bush regime said that arsenic in drinking water was perfectly safe.

True to form, it turns out that this study was funded by the mobile phone industry. Surprise, surprise.

The purpose of starting with a conclusion that's favorable to the industry is to allow cell phone companies to escape liability for users getting cancer. Lawmakers will try to use this as an excuse to pass laws shielding corporations from liability.

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