Sunday, May 16, 2010

GOP commish campaigns on county time

Abusing your office almost seems to go with the territory when you're a Republican public official these days.

In Boone County, Kentucky, right-wing Commissioner Cathy Flaig raised ire last year for misusing her office to sponsor a viewing party of Glenn Beck's idiotic 'We Surround Them' - all on the taxpayers' dime.

And now - in her judge-executive campaign - she's campaigning at county offices on county time.

County staffers report that Flaig campaigned for over 2 hours at the Boone County Public Works Department and handed out campaign literature. Using county offices for this is improper, and many employees considered it intimidating and disruptive. In fact, it's illegal under KRS 121.310.

Flaig might win the primary, but I'll just eat my hat if she wins the general election. This is obviously somebody who thinks rules shouldn't apply to her.

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