Monday, May 17, 2010

Texas students may be taught right-wing propaganda

To say that an American school may start teaching right-wing propaganda may seem redundant, because most have already been doing so for decades. (They've been doing it at least since I was in grade school, and you know what an old fossil I am.)

But leave it to Texas education officials to make it a whole lot worse.

Right-wing officials' ongoing micromanagement of textbook content to reflect their extremist ideology (which also affects other states, because publishers don't make separate editions for each state) are now coming to the fore again in the form of efforts by extreme-right board member Don McLeroy. (McLeroy was recently defeated in the election, but he doesn't leave office until the end of the year.)

McLeroy's proposal would require Texas schoolchildren to discuss ways to gut Social Security, Medicare, and other public benefit programs. This authoritarian lunatic would also require schools to teach against "redistribution" of wealth.

Aren't all taxes really a form of redistribution? Since these are public schools we're talking about here, this really means that Texas taxpayers are having their money redistributed for the purpose of assailing redistribution. Don McLeroy doesn't see the irony of that?

Taxes pay for McLeroy's school board seat. So if he's against redistribution, shouldn't he have to quit before his term is up? I'm not attacking taxes here. I'm just pointing out how hypocritical he's being.

No wonder I support homeschooling.


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