Saturday, May 15, 2010

GOP delegates vandalize classroom

It's nice to know that the Republican Party in Maine is made up of grown men and women who are more unruly than an 8th grade class.

Maine's GOP has become small enough to fit in a single classroom. Recently, the party adopted a ridiculous platform written by Tea Party activists. Now it turns out the delegates trashed an 8th grade classroom at King Middle School in Portland where they held their caucuses.

While the GOP activists were conducting the event, they pawed through the teacher's desk and other items. They stole a poster about the labor movement that hung on the door, and they replaced it with a Republican sticker. The poster had stood for years without being damaged by middle schoolers - but it was no match for right-wing conventioneers who used the classroom just once.

The Republican delegates also opened a sealed cardboard box they found near the teacher's desk. When they discovered that it contained copies of the Constitution donated by the ACLU, they became enraged.

Later, the GOP conventioneers had the nerve to call the school to complain about "liberal" items in the classroom - which they never would have found if they hadn't gone snooping at sealed packages and desks.

Current and former students criticized the Republican vandalism. But some party leaders continue defending the theft of the poster.

If the students had done as much damage to the classroom as the Maine Republicans did, the school would have CALLED THE POLICE - even though the students' average age is only 13. If this behavior is unacceptable from middle schoolers, why is it tolerated when adults do it?

Maine Republican leaders need to be prosecuted for criminal mischief.


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  1. Who here has not trashed a classroom? I know I have.