Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 39 of POOP

You know Google's been on its high horse too long when you start seeing posts like this.

Google's post removal tool hasn't worked since at least last summer, and people are starting to lower the boom. Last week, I saw a message in Google's sad excuse of a help forum titled, "Attention Google Support - please respond to the issues regarding deleted posts appearing in search results and failure of the Post Removal Tool. No response means the names, email addresses, and ph# of Google employees will be posted." This message said, "Game over."

The individual who made that post then provided 24 hours for Google to respond. This person cited posts from myself and others describing the broken condition of the removal tool.

Stupidly, Google never replied. However, I don't know whether this user carried out their warning to post the names of Google employees who were responsible for this mind-numbing failure.

Google was once a respected name. But now it's a monstrosity. What a dangerous, smug attitude for Google to take towards their users as they've been taking.

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