Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American Taliban gets upset at the strangest things ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

This is what America is up against this election season. We're up against hypocritical self-styled guardians of morality who censor 'Sesame Street'.

'Sesame Street' has long had a habit of featuring celebrities whose fan base is otherwise made up largely of adults or at least people older than preschool age. This revolutionary practice helps adults understand the ol' Ses. Gets 'em in tune with things, ya see.

So recently, 'Sesame Street' invited singer Katy Perry to drop by to perform one of her songs with Elmo. It was something kids and adults alike were gonna love! But since this is 'Sesame Street' we're talking about, it was all pretty much G-rated.

Here's the segment Katy Perry made with Elmo:

There's not a thing offensive about that. Nothing.

But don't tell that to the American Taliban. When they heard 'Sesame Street' was going to feature Katy Perry, they complained until the segment was yanked.

Did they even bother to watch the segment first?

Honestly, is there ANYTHING that does not offend the American Taliban?

When I was growing up in the '70s, 'Sesame Street' even featured Richard Pryor! And nobody complained. Everybody knew this was a kids' show and Richard Pryor wasn't going to use the kind of language he used in his stand-up routines. If people are raising such a stink over Katy Perry today, years after Richard Pryor appeared without any problems, it shows we've really moved backward since the '70s.

If we let the Republicans get a foothold again, the Taliban is in America's future. Brace yourselves for more ridiculous censorship like this.

Isn't that right, "Taliban Dan" Webster?

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