Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pledge to America = crap

I wasn't exactly quaking in my shoes about the Republicans regurgitating the Contract With America - because nobody liked the original one. But that the GOP did - except the new one is even sillier than the piece of shit they issued in 1994.

They call it the Pledge to America. (How original!) At least the original Contract With America was easy to read. The Pledge to America that they're issuing now is barely even coherent.

Not surprisingly, this "small government" pledge is full of ideas that expand government - particularly this "values" and "we are a nation at war" garbage.

The document is full of misleading and often illegible diagrams and graphs - coupled with rambling text. It reminds me of that ridiculous anti-drug ad that appeared in the newspaper some years back that showed a bad drawing of the solar system - if the ad was surrounded by a transcript of Glenn Beck's show.

The Republicans' Pledge to America shows they already have a huge strike against them even before the election. It proves they can barely form a coherent sentence even to express simple ideas. I firmly believe their electoral prospects have just been severely damaged all because they had the arrogance to release such a thoroughly idiotic document and think that everybody would find it worthy of unadulterated admiration.


  1. And, isn't it the same old shit as the trickle down theory?
    Well, since they can match Democrat campaign dollars ten to one, they could quote Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Popeye and Woody Woodpecker, wipe their asses with it, give Bob Dylan a hand job and the likes of john baynor and bill o'really would still tout it as gospel.
    Sometimes it seems like these assholes could go to the mint, dip their balls in green ink, parade around Washington naked and the religious right would still regard them as sweeter than Jesus on the cross.
    They've ruined our country, they're well on their way to fucking the entire planet and no matter what evidence proves their crimes against humanity there are still, broke ass, dimwits lining up in droves to elect them over and over again.
    A good friend once told me that, "It's impossible to argue logic with emotion". Here's an example: When I was much younger and way less wise, I ask a lesbian friend why she was a lesbian. Her reply befuddles me to this day!
    "Well, heterosexual couples beat their kids, Ricky" ,She said. Which makes about as much sense as saying that birds fly south for the winter because radial tires get better gas mileage than bias-ply tires.
    Recently a neighbor, in an attempt to justify being republican, said to me, "I've always voted for what I think is best for my family".
    What, fuck my family? Your family is more important than mine? Sound science!
    Isn't life a carnival?
    I guess the greatest mystery of the new millennium is how they've convinced the masses that a new president is an utter failure because he hasn't fully and completely, in two years, reversed the shit storm of a mess accumulated by his predecessor. Have not enough of us evolved?
    It's like trying to beat Vegas!
    Nothing makes any sense, when it comes to these idiots. Why is their mascot an elephant? And it's such a noble animal. Are the elephants not offended? It's not even an American animal!
    How can they be pro-life and pro-war at the same time and no one says, "Hey, wait a minute".
    We all refer to them as the right, when they couldn't be more wrong.
    Since Democrats are pro-choice shouldn't they be called anti-choice. To this their argument will be, "We're pro-life so you're pro-death".
    Won't work; We'd all be dead! Besides, they got that covered with the pro-war thing.
    It's late.
    I'm tired.
    Hope you all enjoy.

  2. I certainly did enjoy your belligerent little rant there, Day Richard. Please continue to post comments here. We loyal readers of the Online Lunchpail (Rough Raw and Populist once again after a brief stint as Because There is a Higher Power than the Republican Party) like to maintain a circus-like atmosphere on here. The loonier the better and we accept loonatics from all walks of life and political persuasions. If there is a Night Richard, invite him to post as well.