Thursday, September 23, 2010

Republican calls Contract With America redux "dreck"

Although the Republicans' new Pledge to America is incoherent and miserable, I had every reason to think the media would make it their Bible of the new decade - much as the Contract With America was their Bible of the '90s.

But it's crashing and burning before even being officially unveiled.

Even right-wing Republican blogger Eric Erickson is thoroughly unimpressed with the document. Regarding the Pledge to America, he said, "It is dreck."

That it is.

Erickson also said the Pledge to America "proves the GOP is more focused on the acquisition of power than the advocacy of long term sound public policy."

The 21-page manifesto was practically written (or at least overseen) by House staffer Brian Wild, who served as a lobbyist for Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and other corporate interests. As a lobbyist, Wild was paid hundreds of thousands each from AIG, Comcast, and other giants of the corporate world.

The Contract With America of 16 years ago was written by the Heritage Foundation. The Hitlerage Foundation is as crazy as fuck and likes voicing support for terrible foreign dictatorships - but at least their garbage is usually readable. But the new Pledge to America was written and overseen primarily by lobbyists and hacks who can barely form a complete sentence.

If the Republican hacks ever raise a point that sounds half-decent on paper, you can never believe them, because it's nothing but a smokescreen for their real agenda: corporate statism and total regimentation of personal behavior.

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