Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have no fear, ish #459 is here!

Issue #459 of The Last Word got published today, and it's our back-to-school issue!

This edition features some neato articles on poo of this sort:

• A university expands its fascist behavior profiling system.

• A local public school district tries to silence alumni complaining about the way they were treated.

• Republicans play the race card. (Imagine that!)

• And they accuse everybody else of being racist.

• The media ignores a study proving ADHD is overdiagnosed.

• A local county refuses to follow a domestic violence law.

• The story of when a motorcycle club took on a local school bureaucracy.

• A lawsuit regarding an unconstitutional drug sweep at a local school is dismissed.

• Civics education matters!

• A major league sports stadium expels fans over their political views.

So it behooves thee to point thy pooper plumb here:


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