Thursday, September 16, 2010

GOP's Senate chances drifting back towards zero

The media has hyped a Republican takeover of Congress ever since the ink was dry on the last election. But nobody outside the media's funhouse mirror world seriously thought it was possible until the scuzzo Supreme Court created corporate "rights" out of whole cloth.

This year's ruling in the Citizens United case allows corporations to do little short of buy elections. After the rogue court illegally gutted a century-old campaign finance law, political ads no longer even have to identify as being paid for by corporations. And there's no longer any limit as to how much they can spend.

Big Business has taken advantage of this "right" that was created for them from thin air. They even ran political ads for a minor county election in eastern Kentucky - buying ad time on stations in a much larger market, even though the county in question represents only a tiny fraction of the stations' viewership. Almost all current ads for Republican candidates are funded at least in part by corporate money that no longer has to be disclosed.

This ruling was a game changer that gave the Republicans a fighting chance. Less than 5%, mind you. But it would be 0% without it.

Thanks to the hilarity that's unfolding in Delaware, I think the chance of the Republicans retaking the Senate has just dwindled almost back to zero. They've got a way of throwing it all away and making us laugh in the process. When the Democrats seize defeat from the jaws of victory like they did in Arkansas, it's just sad. But when the Republicans do it, it's funny. There's always a public kook-out involved.

The GOP might be a little luckier in the House, but that's probably gone for them too, because of the Tea Party dominance among their House picks. And if it isn't within the GOP itself, it's Tea Party whack-a-doodles splitting the vote by running third party campaigns if they lose the Republican primary. Isn't New York's Doug Hoffman doing this now?

I don't answer to the Republicans. I answer to a higher power. If the GOP can pull it off in November, I'm going to make things as rough on them as I made it for the Tea Party shit-eaters when they came to Covington. I know from experience I can't count on waiting another 2 years to fix it (because I had to wait 12 years last time), and the Refuglies are going to get the same treatment the Tea Party got here in April.

In the meantime, Congress needs to impeach Supreme Court Justices who backed corporate personhood. The Justices took an oath to defend the Constitution, and they broke it.

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