Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bawm bawm bawm... ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)


For decades, I've insisted on one truism above all others: 'Sesame Street' in the '70s featured a skit in which several Muppets sang, "BAWM bawm BAWM bawm ba BAWM bawm BAWM...bawm bawm bawm bawm BAWM..."

As with a certain Big Boy ad and several other items that once appeared on TV, everybody countered that I was making it all up. But - also like the Big Boy commersh - YouTube has once again proven me right!

I've searched for years, but now somebody has finally found the "BAWM bawm BAWM..." segment on YouPube:

So I'm making that up, am I?

The only fly in the ointment is that I don't think the version profiled in this entry is the same as the American version. It was posted on YouTube by somebody in Yemen, so it's probably from a regional variant of 'Sesame Street'. Although I hadn't seen the skit since about 1977, I don't remember Grover appearing in it, and I remember the other Muppets looking considerably different. The audio track might even be different.

Still, it shall suffice! It's clearly the same song as the American version.

So BAWM bawm BAWM to those who thought this was all just my imagination. Finding this segment is kind of like when the grownup characters on 'Sesame Street' finally learned Snuffy was real.

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