Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rand Paul staffer caught trying to defraud Daily Kos

Kidnapper and media demigod Rand Paul wants to be the next senator from Kentucky - yet he encourages fraud like this.

Thomas Kubica is a paid staffer for the Paul campaign. Now he's been caught using the handle "Huey Long" while posing as a progressive Democrat on Daily Kos - so he can attack Paul's Democratic opponent Jack Conway from the left, thereby encouraging Kos fans to focus their efforts elsewhere.

I've seen Kubica's rants on Daily Kos, and I knew they were fake from the moment I saw them. Everybody else seemed to know it too, but only now do we know the source.

The media has not reported on the Paul campaign's hoax.

There's plenty of reasons to assail Conway from the left. For instance, he's thus far neglected to explicitly condemn the Patriot Act or the failed War on Drugs. But right-wing fraudsters just ain't the right people to be criticizing him.

That said, I can't be held responsible if Conway tracks rightward. The Democrats had their chance, and as far as I'm concerned, the DLC ran me off years ago.

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