Thursday, September 16, 2010

Broadcasters won't run anti-Meg Whitman ad

Federal rules state that TV and radio stations as well as cable companies are not allowed to reject political ads just because they disagree with them. (Ooh, an Allowed Cloud!) They can only reject these commercials if the ad makes a false claim or if they reject all campaign ads outright.

But don't tell that to cable giant Comcast, which usually isn't too fond of following reasonable regulations.

Recently, the California Teachers Association created a commersh opposing right-wing gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. It pointed out that Whitman wanted to slash another $7,000,000,000 from California's education budget.

But Comcast pulled the ad because Whitman's attorney told it to - even though the claim was factual. KNTV-TV in San Francisco - which is owned and operated by the NBC syndicate - also yanked the ad.

Where do people get off complaining about the "liberal media"? Actually, people don't. It seems to me like only the media does. Nice little racket they've got going.

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  1. Yeah really, what is liberal in the media, any more?
    Do you also take note of all the inflection and emphasis forced onto the tone of some stories?
    Hell, here in Louisville some news casters actually give their opinions along with a story.
    And their subjection is always toward the narrow right.