Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christine O'Donnell's anti-basting crusade

The media is cheerfully jizzing in its jeans over the Tea Party's upset win in the Delaware primary - not like it's going to pay off in November like they think it will.

But the victor in that GOP contest - Christine O'Donnell - is obsessed with some straaaaange things.

Despite claiming to be a "small government" candidate, O'Donnell is preoccupied with policing what everybody else does in their own bedroom. One of her main targets: masturbation.

That's right, folks. I'm talking about basting here (to use the term that was common in high school)! Pulling the joystick. Polishing the trophy. Walking in Memphis. Pullin' out the fiddle and rosinin' up the bow.

A clip has surfaced of a 1996 interview that O'Donnell gave to some MTV show in which she gave a mind-bogglingly goofy lecture against masturbation:

What's just as funny in that clip is how Christine O'Donnell intentionally tried looking like Paula Jones. What's just as funny is that in recent appearances she tries looking like Sarah Palin.

What are O'Donnell's qualifications to be a senator? The right-wing media assails Senate candidates in other states who are no less qualified. At least those candidates have a resume. O'Donnell doesn't seem to have one at all. It's not clear what her job is, or what her job has ever been. If I'd quit my library job after 6 months at the age of 18 and never worked again, I'd be more qualified than O'Donnell is.

My message to the Tea Party thought police and its media minions: You are going to crash and burn. I can comfortably say that the result of the Senate election in Delaware is going to be one of the most lopsided in the nation against the GOP, now that Christine O'Donnell is their standard-bearer. That is a guarantee. I can't wait to see the media's temper tantrum over this one!


  1. Only a complete and total moron would think that the media was behind O'Donnell or the Tea Partiers.

  2. Notice how Gufus didn't even deny that O'Donnell doesn't have a chance in hell of winning in November.

  3. Sounds like some body just needs to get laid!