Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grover blows his stack ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

Few things are quite as hilarious as 'Sesame Street' characters throwing temper tantrums. Wonder Woman throwing a conniption fit because her Lasso of Truth broke would be funny enough, but not nearly as funny as a tantrum on the ol' Ses.

For instance, Bert famously loses his shit in a sketch in which Ernie keeps him awake talking about balloons. Bert's uproarious skizzum was likened to the ending of the original version of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" video, in which the King of Pop reduced a car to a pile of scrap metal. (Racism fueled much of the effort to have that part of Jackson's video removed.)

But Grover once tantered up the ol' Ses too!

It happened during another of his encounters at Charlie's Restaurant with the bald, blue Anything Muppet. In this segment, Grover keeps fucking up the customer's sandwich - forcing him to have to keep fixing the order. In doing so, he squanders the customer's entire lunch hour, leaving him no time to devour his vittles. When Grover's creation goes uneaten, he angrily marches into the kitchen, and the sound of breaking dishes is heard:

Some questions remain. For instance, why did the restaurant keep Grover as a waiter? During his meltdown, he clearly announced that he quit - and he was incompetent anyway. So why does he still work there?

And why does the customer only receive 3½ minutes for his lunch "hour"? I'm sure this sketch was filmed before Reagan began gutting workplace standards, so you'd think he'd at least get a real lunch break.


  1. Hey, wait a minute mister. Ronald Raygun was the best president this country ever had! Just ask my buddy John Ford. They even named an airport after him.
    The only thing more ironic would be if the airport were in Detroit.

  2. It's just short for 'issue', like an issue of a magazine.