Friday, September 24, 2010

Caught on video: Rand Paul assaults 71-year-old blogger

An interesting video has just emerged of how Rand Paul acts when he goes out in the world (yes, the same world that's laughing at him).

Paul held a campaign stop at a government building on Wednesday. It also included right-wing Kentucky legislator Dan Seum. Paul brushed off questions about the deficit and Social Security asked by people in the audience.

Then, Paul and Seum were caught manhandling a 71-year-old blogger.

The appearance (including the assault) was captured on video for the whole Wide, Wide World Of Sports to see:


The media made such an issue over Bob Etheridge's encounter with a right-wing "kid" (who was actually about 30), yet it won't cover Rand Paul's meltdown. That's no surprise, because the media hardly ever covers anything negative about Rand Paul.

Rand Paul and Dan Seum need to face assault charges.


  1. I agree with Tim, the hillbilly with the video camera is being kind of a pest. I didn't see any assault though. Why is a 71-year-old a blogger anyway?

  2. So everybody's a "hillbilly" now because they're not a Republican?

  3. No, but it's safe to assume someone with a website called considers himself a hillbilly.

  4. You're confusing yourself with "the world".

  5. There's an age limit on bloggers, now? This remark, alone, spells out the difference between those of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves and those who are duped by the rich.
    You say pest; I say BRAVE, Brown Cow said, "mado". The fact is right here for the world to see!
    Two cowards, who are asking OUR permission to represent OUR state are frieghtened away by an "Old Man With A Camera".
    Also, someone in their party injured this "old Man". If this no indictment to the republicans what is?
    What more do you need? War declared on an individual that wasn't even there?

  6. Day Richard, are you really capable of thinking for yourself? Really? Come on! You know you're not! I am, and Tim Brown is. Dominic doesn't have time to think for himself because he has a book to write by Plop Day. Old man Hillbilly with the camera might able to if he isn't senile yet. But you of all people are not capable of thinking for yourself!

  7. Hey schiffer, tell me more. You're funny.
    Who thought up your moniker for you? Did your cat walk on your keyboard?
    Why can't you use your whole name? what are you ashamed of? How long have you felt so insecure that have to toot your own horn? You are obviously republican. What exactly is your yardstick for original thinking?
    All your childish response and you still didn't answer a question. But, isn't that always how you chicken shit republicans roll???
    Never mind... Stupid question!
    Turds like you are always going to be the problem. Whenever you pull some mindless drivel out of your ass like, "Why is a 71-year-old a blogger anyway?". It's pretty obvious what an imbecile you are.
    I'll put my Question another way; Who the fuck are you to decide what age a blogger can or can not be?
    Any answer, other than reasonable, will only be viewed as further testimonial to your overbearing ignorance.
    I know you can't back your self up, so go ahead hit me!
    Yours truly,

  8. Day Richard,

    Settle down there, cowboy, I'm just a Tim Brown fan like you. To answer your questions:

    1) A midsized midwestern university decided in the late '90s that on the Internet I would be addressed as Scheffbd.

    2.) I don't own a cat and never have. Cats despise their owners.

    3.) I can use my whole name. I used it just the other day at the BMV in fact.

    4.) I don't mean to sound vain, but I am a man with no shame.

    5.) I played trombone in 5th grade. Didn't really care for it. I wanted to play drums. The horn was sold a few years later.

    6.) I use a tape measure.

    7.) You're right, stupid question. Disregarded.

    8.) I am Scheffbd, be we established that already.

    Any more questions?

  9. 2.) I don't own a cat and never have. Cats despise their owners.
    Good one. I'll have to remember that. May I quote you? I mean, without you accusing me of allowing you to think for me?
    I'm not vain. I am cruel and enjoy being so.
    By the way, what's plop mean?

  10. Day Richard, welcome to the wonderful world of Tim Brown. Your life will never be the same. Maybe Bandit will tell you about the legendary event that is commemorated on Plop Day. I could tell the story, but Tim tells it so much better.