Friday, May 18, 2012

5% like Romney better over school assault

Although much of The Media has ignored the revelation that Mitt Romney led a brutal attack on a schoolmate, the story has prompted enough of an outcry to likely doom the Romney campaign.

A new Ipsos poll says that - although 47% of Americans still haven't heard of the incident due to The Media's cover-up - many of the remaining 53% have soured on the Republican candidate because of it. The poll says 28% of those who heard of the assault have a less favorable view of Romney because of his thuggish behavior - while 5% have a more favorable view.

Now we know what percentage of the population is made up of serial bullies - it's 5%. It's higher at schools where administrators openly train their charges in such delinquency and purge from their ranks those who don't submit. But in the normal world, it's 5%.

For the record, Romney was 18 when he assaulted his schoolmate, so he wasn't just some kid. He was an adult. I turned 18 the summer before my senior year, and I guarantee that if I'd done what Romney did, I'd be facing adult prison. I'd still be locked up today. But not W. Mitt Romney of Bloomfield Hills.

Not everybody is as spoiled as the Mittster and can stumble through life without being held accountable. Like Bush, Romney has spent most of his adult life getting free money for his business ventures - and getting rewarded with more dough when they fail.

Even at 65, Romney comes across as a spoiled brat who blames hard-working people for his many failures. He sounds as bad as his fellow Tea Party followers who have been coddled since they were born and got everything they wanted without having to work for it. One of the primary aims of this guild of 1-percenters is to make sure workers are gouged so their earnings are given to the wealthy. Not unlike how Republican states already receive more federal money than they pay in taxes.


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