Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EU makes France legalize mutant corn

Here's yet another story that shows how the European Union stomps across Europe and micromanages what sovereign countries are allowed to do.

Not long ago, France banned Monsanto's genetically modified corn following public protests and the discovery that this mutant maize was ruining the environment.

But, wouldn't ya know it, the all-powerful European Food Safety Authority has overturned the ban - ordering France to open the floodgates for this frankenfood. Gee, when did French voters vote for that? (They didn't.)

It's a bit like the Bush regime's undemocratic "preemption" policy. As yet another gnawing example of that discredited principle, when the state of California removed a toxic additive from gasoline, Bush required the state to reimburse the additive's distributor. (The distributor was based in Canada, so Bush's act saved no American jobs.)

"Preemption" means surrender to Big Business, which always has a hand out saying, "Gimme gimme gimme!"


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