Thursday, May 24, 2012

Romney thug tries starting fight with Occupy

Is the Mitt Romney campaign going to make assaulting protesters a regular thing, or was that just for today?

This evening, the Romney droids conducted the grand opening of their Cincinnati campaign office. And Occupy Cincinnati was of course on hand to protest against ol' Scissorhands. Since the 99% is on the receiving end of a class war, it should come as no surprise that yet another right-wing attack against Occupy broke out today. It should come as even less of a surprise considering the Republican Party has a history of violence against dissidents. (Remember when the Bush campaign practically started a riot at Devou Park in 2000?)

The Romney campaign and the Tea Party both lied when they said they had no involvement with each other, because the Tea Party's 5 remaining followers were among the few folks who showed up to support the opening. Even local Tea Party operative Mike Wilson - the man who falsely accused me of deleting his comments from this blog - was there. But this entry focuses more on the actions of 3 Romney followers who I call Fascist Red, Fascist Blue, and Fascist Yellow (from the colors of their shirts).

Fascist Red was a woman in a red polo shirt who showed up at the beginning of the event and started arguing with us. I figured out she was crazy 30 seconds into the conversation when she claimed President Obama was eating dogs.

But she didn't actually assault us like Fascist Blue did. Fascist Blue was a man who emerged near the end of the program. He began taunting us, so I told him what I felt. This prompted him to charge towards me with his fists clenched - right there on Main Street, no less! A full-scale brawl was averted only because some of the other Occupiers stood between us.

Fascist Yellow was a woman in a yellow polo (they love the '80s, don't they?) who appeared a few minutes later and also started taunting us. I told her what I thought too, and she didn't like what I said either. Tough shit. We weren't there to try to persuade extremist idiots. We were there to make our case to the 99%. We were obviously successful in that endeavor, judging by the thumbs-up we kept getting from passersby.

When right-wing morons start an argument with us, I'm not going to apologize for ending it. Unfortunately, there's a few folks in the Occupy fold who - for reasons entirely unknown - think I was wrong for telling the Romney bots what I think. But the Tea Party clods - who have had everything handed to them without ever having to work for it - have no business telling Occupiers they're lazy after the Occupiers have worked hard their whole lives. As Occupiers, we have a duty to support each other in matters like this. Plus, ask yourself this: When did I accomplish more? Was it in the days when I ignored bullies, or after I began standing up to them?

The Romney camp wants to kill us. Remember, we are at war, and at the rate things are going, I truly fear that some of my fellow supporters of Occupy Cincinnati will end up dead by November - unless we can step up security at our events.

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