Sunday, May 27, 2012

NATO murders 8 in Afghanistan

The child killers who want to shut down the Occupy movement are full of shit again.

A week ago, the Occupy coalition led 10,000 protesters against the NATO summit in Chicago. This was one of the biggest Occupy events to date - though it's since been dwarfed by Occupy's student rally in Montreal that's attracted 500,000 (roughly 1 in 8 residents of the Montreal metropolitan area).

A new assault by NATO provides more proof that the Chicago protest was justified. A NATO air strike has just killed 8 members of a family - including 6 children - in eastern Afghanistan. The family had no known connection with any terrorist group.

NATO's murder of the Afghan family has been covered by the BBC - but the shit-eating American media has of course ignored it.

Time for America to pull out of NATO, methinks.


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